Our Gift Vouchers


Give a gift voucher for a stay or a gourmet meal, or just a bottle of bubbly !

Click Gifts list for the complete list, purchase procedure and validity terms

There is no need to reserve a date in advance ! Guests can contact us to arrange the date of their visit, themselves.

Choose one, or serveral of the gifts on the list according to your budget ! Click here Gift list and procedure

Any gift is always SUCH a pleasure to receive...but especially a gift voucher from Chateau de Montreuil !


Gift vouchers : A monetary value of your choice, from 15.00€ up to 2000.00€ and more, according to your budget


All inclusive prices : Click here Gift list for the full list


RESTAURANT : A meal  for two people

Gift option D :  178.00 € for a delicious A la Carte three course meal in our restaurant, coffee included.  

Gift option E :  222.00 € for a wonderful gourmet meal in our restaurant, with our 7 course tasting menu, coffee included.  

Gift option F :  382.00 € for a gourmet meal in our restaurant, beginning with a Champagne aperitif, followed by our 7 course tasting menu, wine pairing by the glass with each course, coffee included.  


HOTEL :  Overnight stay one night for two people

Gift option A :  308.00 €for a one night's stay in a lovely double room with 2 breakfasts and local city tax  


HOTEL and RESTAURANT : Gastronomic one night stay for two people:

Gift option B :  520.00 € A one nights stay in a lovely double room, dinner for two with our tasting menu 'Le Menu du Chef", 2 breakfasts and city tax 

Gift option C :  680.00 € A one nights stay in a lovely double room, a pre-dinner Champagne Aperitif, dinner with our tasting menu "Le Menu du Chef", wine pairing by the glass with each course, 2 breakfasts and city tax


Other items to make your gift perfect:

A bouquet of flowers : 60.00 €

A bottle of Champagne Moet et Chandon : 80.00 €

A bottle of Champagne Dom Pérignon Vintage :290.00 €

A basket of fresh fruit : 60.00 €

A box of hand made chocolates in the bedroom : 60.00 €


I.) APERITIF for 2 people
   2 Kir Royal, or 2 glasses of Champagne : 28.00 €

J.) A meal for 2 people : 3 courses A la Carte Coffee included : 168.00 €

K.) A gourmet meal for 2 people with the tasting menu "Le Menu du Chef "/Menu Dégustation, coffee included : 212.00 €

M.) WINE PARING for 2 people, to accompany lunch of dinner, per meal : 70.00 €

N.) A bottle of Champagne : Served as an aperitif before a meal, or with the dessert, as you prefer !
    Champagne Moet et Chandon : 80.00 €
    Champagne Dom Perignon Vintage : 290.00 €

O.) A bouquet de flowers, which could be presented after the meal : 60.00 €

P.) Service charge (mandatory) : 10.00 €